What is Wohnaroo?

Beautiful, simple and easy to use, Wohnaroo provides you with an easy way to advertise and find your home. We offer an SSL encrypted, 100% free, no-advertisement experience to browse and list apartments, sublets, and more in Berlin.

About the Founder


Photo of Wohnaroo.com founder Jacob

I am a German-American and expat. When I first arrived in Berlin, it took me nearly two exhausting months and countless emails before I found a room. After hearing so many others had the same difficulties, I resolved to make it easier to find and list apartments and rooms in Berlin. Wohnaroo is the result.

Wohnaroo is 100% free, has no popup advertisements or “sponsored” listings, and is SSL encrypted to keep your data safe. Choose from over a dozen filters and browse a live-view map to quickly see where the best apartments in Berlin are.

How can I help?

Wohnaroo depends on volunteers like you to make it easier for fellow newcomers to find a home in Berlin. We are always interested in adding new members to our team. If you are interested in translating Wohnaroo into a new language, contributing an article, helping with website design, marketing, collaboration, or have an idea about how to improve the website, please send me an email at: jacob@wohnaroo.com